Which option suits me best?

Which option suits me best? Descriptors of learning options. Guidance on which is the most suitable for you. Individual lessons 35€/h Would you like to try a class before deciding whether you want to buy a 10 or 20 hour package? If the answer is yes, this is your first choice. You just need to […]

Should I study catalan or spanish?

Should I study catalan or spanish? If you’ve come this far, I imagine it’s because you want to take another step towards integration in the city of Girona, put English aside for a while and get to know (understand and speak) the languages that make up the city.  However, you are not sure whether to […]

Why Living the Language?

Why Living the Language? What makes LTL the ideal choice to accompany you in your processof learning and practising the language you want to acquire? At LTL, you will have someone walking hand in hand with you as you learn. I will provide you with: Meaningful guidance based on your specific language learning needs Understanding […]