Which option suits me best?

Descriptors of learning options.
Guidance on which is the most suitable for you.

Individual lessons 35€/h

  • Would you like to try a class before deciding whether you want to buy a 10 or 20 hour package? If the answer is yes, this is your first choice. You just need to write me an email to arrange a day and time for the class.

  • Do you have a difficult schedule to plan and still want to be able to do a class from time to time to keep up with the language you study or have studied? This is also a good option, especially if you already have some knowledge of Spanish or Catalan.

    I do not recommend using the individual classes if you intend to start from scratch.

Package of 10 hours of classes

  • Do you think you can manage and commit 10 hours of your time in a maximum period of 10 weeks? If the answer is yes, this is a good option to start studying or continue working on the language you want to practise or improve.

Package of 20 hours of lessons

  • Are you clear that you want to improve your language skills and that committing 20 hours over a maximum period of 15 weeks is no problem for you? If the answer is yes, this is definitely the best choice and also the most economical for your pocket.

All options are renewable as many times as you want. 

Finally, as a general guideline, I would like to inform you that the number of hours
that each language level requires varies between 80 and 90, depending on many factors,
including the level of commitment and the skills of each student.