Hello, and welcome

My name is Laura Batllori and I am the creator of Living the Language. I have been teaching Spanish and Catalan as additional languages since 2002. I have a degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona (2001) and a degree in Performing Arts specialising in Directing and Dramaturgy from the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona (2016). 

I have worked for both groups and individuals in different schools in Spain and abroad (UK and Portugal). I have taught all levels of the CEFR* and I have a certificate as an examiner for levels B1-B2 from the Instituto Cervantes.

In 2019, and after many years working for different language centers, I decided to start Living the Language, a place where you can learn Spanish and Catalan in an individual and personalized way in the city of Girona.

* Common European Framework of Reference, a leveling system for language assessment and learning.

Starting with a new student is always a thrilling moment for me. 
It is like beginning a journey together through words. 
My aim is to guide and help you in this new linguistic and cultural adventure. 

Why Living the Language?

The idea for Living The Language was born in 2015 while I was doing an internship in the UK. For three months I lived and worked with an English artist and teacher and this experience changed my relationship with the English language and culture in a very positive way. Feeling at home was one of the keys to improving my confidence in speaking and focusing on learning happily and effectively. 

With Living The Language I have created a similar experience. My aim is to invite you to concentrate intensively and share a few days with me to learn and improve your speaking confidence. Doing so in a calm and tranquil environment, such as my home, is one of the key aspects of the immersion I propose.

Where does Living the Language take place?

The Living The Language experience takes place in my home, a cosy house with a garden on the outskirts of the city of Girona.

The house can accommodate up to two learners, each in a single room with a double bed and shared bathroom. Also, in addition, there are other study spaces, a sitting room with a bookshelf, music system and CDs and a fireplace – ideal for reading or having a chat.

Do you want to enjoy Living the Language?