A normal day at LTL

The day starts at 9:00 in the morning, when we meet in the kitchen for breakfast.
After breakfast there is a short break before classes begin.
At 10:00 we start the first 90 minute session in the LTL classroom.
At 11:30 we have a 30 minute break in the garden, where we can stretch our legs and sunbathe a bit while we have a coffee, tea and a snack.
After this short break, we will return to the classroom for another 90 minutes.
At 13:30 you will be left alone to exercise and I will start preparing lunch.

We have lunch around 14:00 and then we have a long break where you can take a nice nap if you feel like it.

Between 16:30 and 17:00 we start the afternoon activities. Depending on the activity we have agreed on for that particular day, the timetable may vary a little, but normally the activities last 3 hours.

At 20:00 we have dinner and after dinner we watch a film, read or simply chat for a while in the garden, in summer, or sit in the lounge by the fireplace in winter.

Before going to bed we agree on the programme of activities for the next day and then, yes, we go to sleep and rest to regain our strength.