Afternoon activities

Here are some of the afternoon activities that we can schedule according to your tastes and preferences.

Visit to the city centre of Girona. A stroll through the Barri Vell (old quarter) to see some of the most emblematic monuments of the city.

Shopping. We go to the Devesa market to shop and then cook our ovo lacto vegetarian menu. This is an opportunity to practise vocabulary related to food and food, as well as being the ideal context to interact with the people we will meet there. Activity available on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

Birdwatching and walk through the Aiguamolls de l’Empordà Natural Park. Depending on the season of the year we do this activity we will be able to see flamingos, storks and lots of dragonflies and other insects. Perfect activity to work on vocabulary related to geographical features, flora, fauna and landscape.

Cinema. It will all depend on whether the week’s film programme is to your liking to venture out to one of the city’s cinemas, although at home you will also have access to an extensive video library. An ideal activity to improve your listening comprehension and oral expression.

Hiking: From the summit and before the spectacular views and the Mediterranean in the distance, it may be easier to talk about resolutions, desires, projects and new horizons. 

Traditional cuisine with organic, seasonal and local produce: cakes, salads, stews… ovo lacto-vegetarian recipes for all tastes, enjoy!

Afternoon in the local library. Cool in summer and in an atmosphere of calm and tranquillity we will go to know the Just Casero library. There we will borrow some enriching readings to share and discuss during the breaks.

Is there anything else you would like to do that is not on this list?